Walking down the streets of Leicester, I can find many buildings that feature Jewish symbols which in my understanding testify … More


The design on this stained-glass window has been chosen especially for its Polish theme; the poppies and the corn-flowers growing … More


Entrance to Bouskell Park in Blaby, Leicestershire. A place I visit to relax all year round.

Familial re-location

Attending the local Remembrance Day event. I find this a very moving event. Lives lost and damaged in power struggles. … More

One of many survivors

Standing against the elements. One of many survivors of storm, just like the Jewish people.


Unexpected fungi on a small patch of grass I pass regularly. One day, just green grass, then in clear outlines … More


I was very much saddened while walking my dog in the local park to see this change. Normally this ground … More

“Tree of life”

Riverside reflections of a “tree of life” and I am feeling close to nature, where the beauty and peaceful environment … More


Polish immigration to Leicester is relatively young as far as I know. The multi-cultural nature of the city, and its … More

First experience

Sukkah (booth) structure in the garden of Neve Shalom Synagogue, Leicester, after the Jewish festival of Sukkot, 2019. My first … More

Traditional cuisine

Signs of Polish culture can now be seen in Leicester’s urban space not only at special times but also on … More